Tips on How to Manage a Working Dog

The handling and management of a working dog requires a specific type of understanding and training. Dog trainers who are experienced with the management of working dogs know how to create a strict environment where these dogs are encouraged to learn good behaviors and discouraged from bad behavior, such as excessively barking while riding in emergency or patrol vehicles.Learning to Manage a Working Dog - Sanders Kennels

It is best to start strict training with a working dog in the very beginning when you first meet, and not delay training until after bad behaviors begin to develop. This makes management much easier than having to undo learned bad behaviors. Quickly establishing a relationship with the dog is the most effective way to begin a successful training process. If a dog does not have a relationship with the new handler, it sees no reason to respect or obey training commands. A successful training program requires trust and closeness. For previously trained animals, this process will be easier and establishing trust will happen much quicker. If the dog has not been previously trained however, a new handler needs to understand that this process may take some time and should not expect a dog to follow his commands right away.

A new handler that has yet to build a relationship with the dog needs to avoid having to correct or punish him for bad behaviors. The dog is not in a position to trust your leadership, and it is unfair to place the dog in an environment where he or she will fail. The new environment should be set-up for success until some training has been established and there is trusting relationship. Negativity or constant punishment does not work to reinforce good behaviors; only positive reinforcement works. When the dog follows the rules or commands, let him know by rewarding him; this is positive reinforcement.

In time, a properly trained and managed working dog can adapt to living in a new environment and interacting with humans. Though it will not happen the first day, week or sometimes not even the first month, it is vital to the process to have patience.


Reduced Pricing on Many Presa Canario Puppies!

We may not be expecting any new Presa Canario litters to arrive any time soon, but there are still plenty of puppies remaining from previous litters that are ready for a good home. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a canine for the family, personal protection or working purposes, a Presa Canario would make for a great choice in any situation.

Female Presa Canario Puppy for Sale - Sanders KennelsAs a special offer, Sanders Kennels will be offering a number of remaining Presa Canario puppies at a reduced price. These puppies range from four to six months old and all come from champion bloodlines.

Currently available through this offer are 2 males and 1 female from Brutus and RMale Presa Canario Puppy for Sale - Sanders Kennelsuby’s litter, born March 27, 2013, 2 males from Strong Arm and Josey’s litter born April 1, 2013, 2 males from Ivan and Malibu’s litter born March 24, 2013, 1 female from Ivan de CanMuc and Sanders China’s litter born March 20, 2013, and 1 female from Brutus and Lucy’s litter born February 11, 2013.

One of the great things about purchasing an older dog that has been with us for a few months now is the fact that they have all already been proven as working dogs. If you are indeed looking for a Presa for civil service work, you don’t have to wonder whether the pup you choose will grow to be up for the challenge – you already know his or her capabilities from the get-go.

This special reduced price opportunity will only be offered until the end of August or while the puppies last, so hurry before they’re all gone! Check out the Available Puppies page located in the Presa Canario section of the Sanders Kennels website today for pictures these impressive pups and be sure to contact us for more information!

Differences Between the American Bulldog and the American Pitbull Terrier

Though there are times that many individuals confuse the appearance of an American Bulldog and an American Pitbull Terrier, there are a multitude of characteristics that differentiate one from the other. Regardless of your opinion on either breed, we have listed a few distinct characteristics that may help you to distinguish the Pitbull from the American Bulldog in the future.

A Bit of Breed History – American Bulldogs are officially considered a “breed” of dog, meaning that it is considered a pure-bred animal. The Pitbull has been placed into the “type” of dog category, which is a category that contains dogs with and without pedigree. In actuality, as long as a dog fits the physical attributes of a Pitbull, it can be considered a Pitbull. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, thoughts on that were very different; the Pitbull was considered to be its own distinct breed.The American Bulldog Breed - Sanders Kennels

Physical Differences – The American Bulldog is a leaner, taller dog while the Pitbull tends to be shorter in contrast. Most American Bulldogs are on average 21-27 inches tall and weigh from 60-120 lbs. The American Pitbull Terrier only grows to about 22 inches tall in adulthood, though there can be a few exceptions. The ASPCA’s book, Complete Guide to Dogs, says that Pitbulls on average weigh approximately 70 lbs. in adulthood and are a huskier type of dog, as opposed to the American Bulldog.

Reputation – Just as Rottweilers were the dreaded breed in the 80’s, now the Pitbull has taken its place in the minds of many people who know absolutely nothing about this type of dog. They are not dogs that are born to attack, however, they can be trained to attack. They are born to please, which is the characteristic that can often make them dangerous in the wrong hands. The American Bulldog on the other hand has a much kinder reputation, often seen as a family dog. However, much like the Pitbull, the American Bulldog has strong protective instincts towards their owners, making them ideal for those searching for a personal protection canine.

While we understand where the comparison can come from on certain aspects, it’s always good to know where those similarities end. Whatever breed of dog you choose to bring into your home, whether Pitbull or American Bulldog,  it is best to learn everything you can about that type. If you as an owner are well educated, you will in turn be able to provide better care for the dog and enjoy its presence much more.

Sander’s Kennels is Expecting Another Litter of American Bulldog Puppies

Expected to arrive sometime near September 1, 2013, Sander’s Kennels is eagerly awaiting the arrival of yet another litter of American Bulldogs. Bred to Sanders Rocco and Sanders Sheba, we have no doubt that the new litter will bring a number of impressive canines tUpcoming Litter of American Bulldog Puppies | Sanders Kennelso our kennel, so be sure to check back with us down the line for more information on once they are born.

As one of our best males, Rocco is no stranger to breeding. In fact, it was just over a month ago when Rocco was bred with Sanders Robin, bringing six strong and healthy American bulldog puppies to our kennel – from which one male and two females are still available for adoption. With a wealth of confidence and an eagerness to please, there is no question of what makes him sUpcoming Litter of American Bulldog Puppies | Sanders Kennelsuch a preferable sire.

Dam to the upcoming litter, Sheba, is also an impressive canine, weighing in at 75 pounds and measuring 24” at her withers at the age of two. Fully trained like her sire, Sheba is proficient in both obedience and personal protection. Despite her confidence and brute strength, you’ll also find that Sheba has a gentle side to her, making her great with children.

With all of these qualities combine, we expect the new litter of puppies to be extremely well rounded, making any one of them an ideal choice for any scenario, regardless of whether it’s for personal companionship or civil work. For more information on reserving a puppy from the Rocco and Sheba litter, please feel free to contact Sanders Kennels today.

Trained Dogs vs. Untrained Dogs

In one of our previous posts, we went over some of the basics of why it is so important to put your dog through obedience training as early as possible. However, seeing as so many people are visual by nature, we wanted to make a point to share this helpful infographic.

While a select portion of the dog training services here at Sander’s Kennels are dedicated to training our canines for a life in civil service, this is not our only focus. We are also an expert resource for private owners who are simply looking to make their pet more obedient towards them, or to train them for personal, family protection.

Any individual who has ever owned a dog will tell you that there is a significant difference between a dog that has been properly trained and one that has not. Check out the infographic below for details and for more information on our obedience training and advanced training options, contact Sander’s Kennels today!


Does a Presa Canario Make for a Good Household Pet?


While the Presa Canario breed is ideal for both civil and guard work, it also makes for an excellent family companion. If you are currently searching for a canine that will not only be loving and energetic, but will also possess the natural instinct to act as a personal guardian to you, your family and your home, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a better choice.

The Presa Canario responds extremely well to positive attention and affection and once he has had time to bond with each member of your family, his loyalty to you will be unmatched. He will naturally want to protect the entire family from any type of threat or show of aggression from anyone or anything. Now with this being said, it’s understPresa Canario Dogs as Pets | Sanders Kennelsandable that some parents may have concerns about bringing a dog that has the potential to become aggressive into the home. However, just as any child would need to learn boundaries and how to behave, a Presa Canario would need to learn the same.

Because of the fact that this particular breed is dominant by nature, it’s very important that they learn to socialize and undergo obedience training from a young age. Under your supervision, it is also imperative that you allow your child to handle the dog, as well as feed and play with him; this is a means of getting your canine to bond with your son or daughter and to view him or her as a person to love and protect, and as someone who poses no threat to him.

For the most part, while the Presa has little to no problems when being raised with other pets, you may want to be mindful about bringing him into a home with another dominant breed of dog. Once a Presa ages to about 9-12 months, he will likely be more confident in exerting his “alpha” status. If your other dog does the same, there could be potential issues; just be aware of the possibility for confrontation.

The Presa Canario is a very loving, energetic and confident breed that is also extremely athletic. While his brute strength and eagerness to protect his family make him perfect for those looking for personal protection, his love for exercising and playing around also make him a great companion to have around the house. If you’re interested in learning more about this breed and the adoption process, contact Sanders Kennels today.


Why is Training Your Dog so Important?


When it comes to adopting one of our American Bulldogs or Presa Canario puppies, you could choose to just take your new canine and have that be that. However, what you may not realize is that it is going to be very difficult to get your pet to behave the way you want him to without taking the necessary steps to properly train him. Especially with strong and extremely intelligent breeds such as these, obedience training can truly make all the difference in the type of dog your puppy will grow into.

Some of you may have convinced yourselves that training really isn’t as important as many people make it out to be. Here are a few reasons why we think you should reconsider:

Establishing Yourself as the Leader – By nature, dog are pack animals; unless trained, it’s possible that your dog will attempt to establish himself as the alpha and overrule you. With proper training however, you can learn how to take on that leadership role and strengthen the bond between the two of you. In turn, this will help to build communication, understanding and mutual respect overall. Why Train Your Dog? - Sanders Kennels

Safety – Both the American Bulldog and the Presa Canario make for exceptional guard dogs, but with brute strength, certain situations have the potential to get out of control. With personal protection training, we’ll work with your dog on drive and bite development, confidence-building and tolerance exercises, on-leash defense, bark, guard and bite, and out commands. This ensures that even in tough scenarios, your dog can always be pulled back and controlled by you, as the owner.

Voice Control – Say your dog gets off his leash and goes darting towards a busy road. If he is trained, you can simply call out his name and command him to heel, and then to sit as you attempt to put the collar back onto his neck. Being able to have immediate control over your dog’s behavior could not only save his life, but the lives of others in emergency situations.

Overall Happiness – When a dog is well trained, he requires fewer restrictions due to the fact that he can demonstrate good behavior. If you are having one of our dogs trained as a personal pet, he’ll be much happier with the fact that he won’t be banished to another room when welcomed visitors come over to your house. It’s more likely that a trained dog’s presence is going to be more appreciated and welcome than an untrained dog.

Here at Sanders Kennels, we like to say that you need to start with the best dogs and finish with the right training in order to get results. We would highly recommend that you give us a call and set up training sessions before bringing your pup home with you.


New American Bulldog Puppies Have Arrived


If you’ve been keeping up to date with our website, you’ve probably noticed that we actually welcomed a few new American Bulldog puppies to Sanders Kennels earlier this month. As our last post mentioned, Robin and Rocco were expecting a litter of puppies, which arrived on May 5, 2013.Male American Bulldogs for Sale - Sanders Kennels

From this new litter, we still have two male and two female American Bulldog puppies available to choose from. As with all those sold through Sanders Kennels, Robin and Rocco’s puppies will be sold with NKC papers, full breeding rights and hip/health warranties. You can always rest assured that when you are working with our kennel, you are getting the best quality available when it comes to American Bulldogs.Female American Bulldog Puppies for Sale - Sanders Kennels

Considering the temperaments of both Rocco and Robin, there is little doubt that any of these puppies will make for a superior companion. Additionally, as the American Bulldog is an extremely intelligent breed, the training process will likely be much easier for you and the canine you choose.

For more information on taking one of these remaining puppies home, please contact Sanders Kennels today. We will ship your canine anywhere or will personally deliver him or her to you – no problem at all.


American Bulldog Puppies Expected to Arrive Soon!


In just a few days now, Sanders Kennels is expecting to welcome a new litter of American Bulldogs! Sired by Sanders Rocco, Robin’s puppies are due to arrive somewhere between May 10th and the 13th, so if you’re currently searching for a new companion, be sure to contact us for more information!

Roco - American Bulldog - Sanders KennelsBorn to Sanders Layla and sired by Sanders Meir, Rocco has grown to weigh 88lbs and measures 24” at his withers. Having been fully trained, Rocco has quickly becoming an extremely confident canine with strong drive and incredible stability. However, one of the greatest qualities that Rocco possesses lies in his personality. Anyone lucky enough to encounter Rocco will find that he is very eager to please and is great with young children.Robin - American Bulldog - Sanders Kennels

Possessing these same personality traits, Robin is a two-year-old American Bulldog weighing in at 75lbs and measuring 23” at her withers. With her impressive athleticism and intensity, Robin holds great potential. We have no doubt that with each of the extraordinary qualities that both Rocco and Robin possess, their puppies will be quick to attract a lot of attention and interest.

All American Bulldog puppies for sale through Sanders Kennels are sold with National Kennel Club (NKC) papers, full breeding rights and both hip and health warranties. You can always guarantee that you are receiving top quality when choosing a canine through our Kennel.

For more information or to reserve a puppy from this litter, call or contact Sanders Kennels today and be sure to check back soon for the arrival of our new puppies.