Best Puppy Presa Canario Breeder in Florida


In order to find the best specimens of the Presa Canario breed, we traveled to the place of the breed’s origin- the Canary Islands. Our journey would take us throughout Spain and the Canary Islands and introduce us to over a hundred examples of the breed and the greatest breeders in the world, from the renowned to the undiscovered.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria were our ultimate destination on an exhaustive trip that would take us over a thousand miles through eight provinces, from Girona to Valencia on the Mediterranean coast then west to Seville and south to Jerez de la Frontera. At the end of our peninsular journey, we attended the exposition in Jerez. The specialty of the Razas Españolas (Spanish Breeds) served as the substitution for the Monografica wherein the best breeders in the country would be exhibiting their best.

We then flew to Tenerife and Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. In the Canary Islands, we had the opportunity to meet many quotidian examples of the breed as a companion on the street, protectors of the home, and guardians of the farm.

We would like to thank the following for their exceptional hospitality and kindness:

Fermín Quintero, Casa del Presa, Ricardo Oramas Los Cardones, Specialist Judge,

Margarita et al La Eterna Primavera, Gregorio Sanchez Barnacan Bull, Los Hermanos Peñate Cielo de Canarias, Antonio Jorguera Dog Real,

Carolina González, Do Galiñeiro, Vicente Gascó, Can Muç, Laureano, Paloma Iglesias,

La Jacha, Agustín García Orozco De Benetur, Manuel González Espinel,

Felipe Alberto Llano De Guadalcán, and Valeria and Manuel, Irema-Curtó


I would like to especially thank Jelena Eklund of Tallin, Estonia for her hospitality and kindness during my stay in Estonia.